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    About Us

           <META> Inc. a leading provider of Internet search software and solutions, desktop search software and the largest Internet search engine in Ukraine. <META> Inc. Kharkov, Ukraine.

          The line of developed products includes the following products: diskMETA - desktop and hard drive search software; siteMETA - site search program; WebNovator - monitoring system for public Internet resources.


          The name <META> originates from the Ukrainian word "META", which stands for "purpose", "aim", "goal".

          <META> Inc.'s history began in the mid-1990s when its founders realized the necessity of a Ukrainian language search tool that could recognize Cyrillic alphabets and have Slavic morphologies implemented.

          Various improved technologies and search system products were developed during this time, ranging from a single website search software to custom applications in major corporate and government environments. The results are considered the Ukrainian benchmark for data search processes and include English, Ukrainian, and Russian morphologies.

          The <META> Inc. staff consists of highly skilled experts in the field of programming, linguistics and mathematical modeling. Processing of information and automatic language recognition for presentation to the end users is the primary development goal for <META> Inc.


  • In 2000 the company was officially recognized as the leading developer of data search technologies in Ukraine.
  • <META> Inc. has been an official search partner of the Microsoft Network since 2000.
  • <META> directly serves all Ukrainian language search requests originating from Microsoft's Internet Explorer Search Assistant toolbar.
  • <META> Inc. developed the search system for the Internet portal for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) of Ukraine.
  • The National Bank of Ukraine uses <META> Inc.'s technology for search on their official public website.
  • Current Operations

    <META> search engines serve millions visitors from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Canada (ordered by visitors number) and about 200 other countries. While focusing on information structure processing, software development, business consulting and nationwide advertising services, <META> Inc. also offers directly served search hosting.

    <META> Inc. also offers business consulting and nationwide advertising services.


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